Skrull Kill Krew

The Skrull Kill Krew are a fictional group appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. They first appeared in their own miniseries published in 1995. They were created by Grant Morrison, Mark Millar and Steve Yeowell.

Fictional comic book group

Skrull Kill Krew

Cover of Skrull Kill Krew #1 (September 1995)
Group publication information
Publisher Marvel Edge (Marvel Comics)
First appearance Skrull Kill Krew #1 (September 1995)
Created by Grant Morrison
Mark Millar
Brendan McCarthy
Steve Yeowell
In-story information
Type of organization Team
Agent(s) Ryder
the 3-D Man II
Skrull Kill Krew
Series publication information
Schedule Monthly
Format Limited series
Publication date (vol. 1)
September 1995 – January 1996
(vol. 2)
June – December 2009
Number of issues (vol. 1)
(vol. 2)

Creative team
Writer(s) (vol. 1)
Grant Morrison
Mark Millar
(vol. 2)
Adam Felber
Penciller(s) (vol. 1)
Steve Yeowell
(vol. 2)
Mark Robinson
Inker(s) (vol. 1)
Chris Ivy
(vol. 2)
Mike Getty
Letterer(s) (vol. 1)
Richard Starkings
(vol. 2)
Joe Caramagna
Colorist(s) (vol. 1)
Chia-Chi Wang
(vol. 2)
Andres Mossa
Creator(s) Grant Morrison
Mark Millar
Steve Yeowell
Editor(s) (vol. 1)
Tom Brevoort
(vol. 2)
Thomas Brennan
Joe Quesada
Stephen Wacker
Collected editions
Skrull Kill Krew

ISBN 0-7851-2120-X

Dark Reign: Skrull Kill Krew ISBN 0-7851-3849-8
Skrulls Must Die! The Complete Skrull Kill Krew ISBN 0-7851-9407-X

The group are humans modified by eating Skrull-infected beef. Some of the team returned during the Skrulls’ Secret Invasion, which led to another miniseries.

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The team first appeared in their own eponymous series written by Grant Morrison and Mark Millar, published in 1995. It was one of Tom Brevoort‘s first projects and came about when Morrison and Millar faxed the Marvel offices looking for work:

As a low-ranking editor, I didn’t really have many cards to play in terms of securing popular characters for any project I might come up with. So the best strategy was to come up with something new.

This was the period when the mad cow disease scares were taking place in the UK, so it was a short leap for Grant and Mark to hit on the notion that those Skrull cows had been slaughtered, their meat entered the food chain, and that those who wound up eating it developed Skrull-like abilities, which they would use to hunt down the secret Skrull infiltrators that were living among us. It was a very 2000 AD sort of an idea: part parody, part over-the-top action/adventure comic. Grant was also looking around for new paradigms onto which to paint the super hero team structure, and in this case the model would be a motorcycle gang. Believe me, for the Marvel of 1994, this was some pretty off-the-wall thinking.[1]

The original idea for the team name was the Skrull Kill Kult, based on the band Thrill Kill Kult, but Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief Tom DeFalco objected to the use of “Kult” because “he felt that it made the series seem like too much of an endorsement of murder cults”.[1]Brendan McCarthy designed the characters and Steve Yeowell was brought on board to provide the pencils, the same division of labor on Morrison’s Zenith, because of “a lukewarm reception to Steve’s initial visualizations”.[1]

The series was originally announced as an ongoing series. However, it was changed to a miniseries, because of wider problems in the American comic book market in the mid-1990s and changes at Marvel, with DeFalco leaving. There were four issues worth of scripts done at the time and Brevoort managed to argue for a fifth to close the miniseries.[1]

They then made an appearance in Avengers: The Initiative #16 as one of the Secret Invasion tie-ins and writer Dan Slott announced at the 2008 Baltimore Comic-Con that they would be getting a new miniseries featuring the new line-up.[2] It was a five-issue miniseries written by Adam Felber, and saw the original team brought back together to fight the descendants of the original Skrull-cows.[3]

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