Weeks (surname)

The name Weeks is a non common Englishsurname, usually either a patronymic of the Middle English Wikke (“battle, war”) or a topographic or occupational name deriving from Wick (“small, outlying village”). It may also be an Anglification of the Scandinavian habitational nameVik (“small bay, inlet”).

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Language(s) English
Meaning “son of Wikke“, “resident of wick, wic, vic
Region of origin South Western England
Other names
Variant form(s) Weekes, Wicks, Weech, Week, Weeke, Wich, Wych, Weetch, Wick, Wickes, Wix, Wike, Witch, Wykes, Whick,[1] and Vik[2]

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Weeks is an English surname of Germanic origin with several known derivations:

  • A patronymic from the Middle English personal name Wikke, which is in turn a short form of any of various Germanic personal names formed with the element wig, meaning battle, war.[2]
  • A variant of Wick, which is an English topographic name for someone who lived in an outlying settlement dependent on a larger village; from the Old Englishwic an early loan word from the Latin vicus, or a habitational name from a place named with this word.[2] Examples of such places include Week Green in Cornwall, and Wick in Somerset.
    The village of Giggleswick, England, named for Gikel’s dwelling or dairy farm

    As the term was especially used to denote an outlying dairy farm or salt works, it may also have been an occupational name for someone who worked at such a facility. The addition of a final “s” to topographical and locational surnames was a usual medieval practice, denoting one who was resident at a place, rather than from it.[1]

  • An Anglification of the ScandinavianVik, itself either a habitational name from any of the numerous Norwegian or Swedish farmsteads named with Old Norsevík, meaning small bay, inlet, or (in Swedish) a topographic or ornamental name.[2] An example of this is the Scottish Highland town of Wick, (Scots: Week or Weik)[3]
    Wick Bay, Wick, Scotland

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